Revolution Launcher is a marking menu based home screen for your Android Device.

What is a marking menu you ask? Basically, it is a circle of icons around a center point you navigate by using a swiping gesture from the center point toward the item you want to select. In the case of Revolution Launcher, you can also press the center button to open and close the menu, then press the icons like a traditional home screen.

Using your phone is now as simple as unlocking the screen, putting your thumb on the middle button, swiping towards a shortcut, and getting on with your life. No stretching to reach the upper corner for an icon, or repositioning your hand where you almost drop the phone you paid multiple hundreds of dollars for. Excuse the cheesy pun, but it is a genuinely revolutionary way to use a phone.
In experiments and real world use, marking menus are up to 3.5 times faster, less prone to error, and easier to remember.

The idea of a pocket sized computer pretty much pushed the grid and folder interface onto smart phones so it was familiar to a generation of keyboard and mouse users. Even if your smartphone is, in fact, a pocket sized computer; most people aren't carrying around a keyboard and mouse to use the phone.
"Marking is an extremely efficient interaction technique." User learning and performance with marking menus. Kurtenbach, G. & Buxton, W.
A more traditional grid lies underneath the marking menu gadget. The hybrid navigation of grid and gadget is where things really make a change in your digital life. For frequenly used apps and tasks, use the marking menu gadget. For not so frequenly used shortcuts, use the grid.

Of course if you wanted to go grid free, you can create up to 100 shortcuts on the gadget using sub menus. Each menu can have up to 10 shortcuts, however 6 to 8 is typically easier to use and remember.
Categories sort and organize your apps in the app drawer. Use the drop down in the bottom right corner or swipe left and right to cycle through the categories.

You can easily create a shortcut to any category on either the grid or gadget. For example, one swipe and you're looking at an app drawer full of games, or your social media apps, or your photography hobby tools, I think you get the picture.

The "Hidden" category can reclaim space taken by apps you can't uninstall.
App shortcuts are supported on both the grid and the gadget menu. Simply double tap (or double swipe on the gadget) any app icon to bring up that app's shortcut menu.

If you are unfamiliar with app shortcuts, some examples are messaging apps having your most recent conversations, browsers might have bookmarks or new tab options and so on.

Note: App shortcuts are only available on Android 9 and higher.
Revolution Launcher was built with ease of use and customization as it's two core philosophies. Things like themes, custom fonts, colors, cool wallpapers, tweaks to the interface, these are where you get to make it yours.

The Theme Manager is a great place to explore and install themes from all sorts of theme makers. Deep links on websites can be used for auto installing themes or simply downloading and loading them as ZIP files from anywhere.

To complete the look, get some icon packs and apply them to your entire home screen. If the icon pack doesn't have an icon for a particular app, you can pick your own. Not just from icon packs either, select any image on your phone to use as an icon.
Switching to night mode is great for your eyes at night. Revolution Launcher themes have night modes that are also great for your eyes.

Wallpapers can be chosen separately for day and night, or choose one and it will dim when night mode is on.
The Theme Maker's Kit is available for anyone to make and share their own themes.

If you have basic graphic arts skills and can edit some text documents, the community would love to see what you can come up with!
A great deal of care has gone into making Revolution Launcher an app that will truly improve your digital life, and it is my hope that you enjoy the fruits of that labor.

Some behind the scenes work that won't be immediately obvious but will make a huge difference include:

Battery life improvement, even with all the animations on. Being coded from the ground up, code optimization and lack of third party libraries ensure the app uses as small a footprint as possible.

Unlike most other apps, Revolution Launcher doesn't use telemetry to document your every move, or store a bunch of log files that will slowly bring your phone to a crawl as it runs out of storage space. None of your data is transmitted outside of the app, and any data that is saved inside the app is done so without personal data.

Minimal permissions for a home screen app. There are no root calls or system configurations done from the app itself. If the system needs to perform a task, such as switching wallpaper, the system app to perform the task is used instead.

The app is translated into the world's top 10 spoken languages. It's also available on the Play Store in any country where Google Play is available.

Accessibility has been taken into consideration when creating every aspect of the app. If there's something you have trouble with, don't hesitate to suggest a better way you would prefer to use the app and it will be a top priority in developing future updates.

And much more that you will experience yourself.